Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Memorable Afternoon with 5 Westminster winners

Saturday Feb, 7th 2009 something exciting happened! 5 former Best in show winners from Westminster Kennel club and their People enjoyed a early dinner at the Angel on a leash fundraiser dinner. Never before has there been a get together of 5 former BIS winners from WKC.

In attendance are: Rufus 2006, Spice 2002, James 2007, JR 2001, and Uno 2008.

More later with a report from Some friends in attendance..

Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Big Show!

Its that time of year again! Westminster kennel clubs Big show is upon us and for those who follow this blog I thought I might mention a few of the places in NYC this week you can see Uno who is visiting New York City to hand over the reigns to a new winner.

Today Feb 5th 2009 you can see uno at:
capital bank in Grand Central station at 10:30am
Gallery 225 at 5-8pm

friday Feb 6th at:
Saks 5th Ave 8th floor home decor from 3-5pm paw-printing and signings of the Westminster official poster with Artist Trish Biddle. You may also have a professional photograph taken with Uno for a small donation to Angels on a leash.

Saturday Feb 7th.
Angels on a leash is holding a benefit dinner with 7 BIS winners of the Wesminster Kennel club including, Uno(2008) James(2007) Rufus(2006) Carlee(2005) Mick(2003) Spice(2002) JR(2001)
for more information on this benefit dinner visit

Monday Feb 9th.
Take the Lead to Westminster. Club bar and grill, Madison Square Garden 11pm following group judging. Late night celebration,light supper. purchase tickets in advance by calling 800-814-1123 or visit

Sunday, January 11, 2009

LA times

As dog shows go The Westminster Kennel club Dog show held each February is one of the most prestigious. Since Uno won it last year and PETA is once again trying to make a fuss about not airing this wonderful event on TV with its comments to the LA times. Our own Kathy weichert breeder of Uno was asked to give an interview to the "Times" in rebuttal. here is a link to that article.

Most of us involved in the dog show world know that PETA is nothing more than a front for animal rights extremists hoping to end the ownership of animals as pets,food,fur,etc. While they seem to have lofty intentions what they really are, are hypocrites! PETA kills more dogs and cats than they ever adopt to loving homes. The kill rate for animals they "save" is 90%. Many of these dogs and cats are very adoptable. You'd think with the over 30 million this organization brings in each year that they would put some of it to good use in re-homing adoptable animals.

We are a little more than Angry that PETA has chosen our beloved UNO and the Westminster kennel club as a target for their hateful accusations about the health of purebred dogs and their anti-breeder mantra.